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Visiting the Monastery

Humility is the only thing we need; one can still fall having virtues other than humility-but with humility one does not fall. Elder Herman of Mt. Athos

Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines and expectations, by virtue of which we may offer hospitality.

First, this is a Holy Monastery of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is a place of prayer, repentance, and redemption, as well as a community for those leading a monastic life and for pious pilgrims who visit.

Visiting hours normally include daytime hours and the daily service times.  You are encouraged to contact the monastery prior to planning a visit.

If you wish to enter the holy grounds, you should be dressed appropriately and follow these rules:

  • Ladies are asked to modestly dress with loose fitting, non see-through clothing.

  • The skirt or dress (no pants) should fall well below the knees, please.

  • The shirt or blouse should be long sleeved and buttoned up (no v-necks or short sleeves).

  • Women are asked to please cover their heads with a scarf; scarves are available in the chapel to borrow if needed. Socks or hose and shoes must be worn at all times.

  • Men are asked to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts, socks, and shoes.

  • We ask that you please remember that the consecration of this holy place does not allow for impropriety or disgraceful behavior. 

  • Loud conversation, insolent chatter, unrestrained laughter, and rude gestures are out of place here.

  • Although young children are more than welcome to visit the monastery, parents are strictly responsible for their behavior, supervision and control, and should not allow them to roam freely. This setting is in the country, and with a small pond, we have all manner of  live animals who live here too, many of which are not friendly!

  • Respectfully, please make sure your children are with you at all times to avoid accidents.

  • As this holy monastery encompasses a large acreage, pilgrims should have permission before taking walks or hikes.

  • No smoking, hunting, or fishing within the holy grounds is permitted.Firearms are strictly forbidden.

The privilege of an overnight stay is only for women 18 years of age and older and is given only by permission in advance. The purpose of an overnight stay is for Orthodox Christians or those interested in Orthodox Christianity to be able to closely follow the holy monastery’s daily cycle of prayer and work.A woman younger than 18 may be granted permission for an overnight stay if accompanied by her mother or guardian.

We trust in your good intent to adhere to the rules set above, within the precincts of the spiritual Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ Monastery.

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